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GOALMAC Pro Concepts Ltd is a media company that creates and develops sports and entertaining contents, programs and shows that are telecast and broadcasted on our online TV platform “GoalMac.TV” and “GoalMacTV.com” promoted using a wide range of social media platforms, blogs and radio in Nigeria and across Africa. We also build and develop studio houses for TV production and carry on the business of photography and video coverage.
Our Story

What are we about?

In line with our objective the company has created a show called – The GoalMac Show, which will be streamed via our platform on “Goalmac.TV and GoalMacTV.com”. It is the first of many shows to be created and developed by the company and which is the focus of this proposal for potential partners and/or investors.
The GoalMac show, a weekly online TV “Footballtainment” show is a bold step to redefining football entertainment as a Football magazine styled show.

“Educative. Entertainment. Earning”

Our channels

What are our channels?

We have created nine (9) independent segments/channels that ranges from 2 minutes to five minutes episodes in parts for each segments/channels that will capture our viewers/followers attention that will make them glued to their phones, laptops and mobile devices.
We understand the growing hunger for great online content consumption by internet users and the passion people have got for the game of football and entertainment and have adapted The GoalMac show to satiate the ever yearning desire of football and entertainment lovers for a blend of football and entertainments and trivia game show called GoalMac Fan Giveaway for our followers to earn good cash prizes for almost free while enjoying our great contents for free via our online TV platforms. We are optimistic about the reception of the show by our great young and vibrant target audience.


In the Spotlight

Awards & Recognition

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Michelin Stars




It showcases the lifestyle of celebrity footballers and coaches.

Celebrities Talk football

Celebrities go head to head against each other to rep their favorite football clubs.

Street Talk

Fans share their views on different football issues, the performance of their favorite players and clubs.

GoalMac Fan Giveaway

Where viewers stand chances of earning money for almost free while loving and enjoying our great football with a blend of entertainment contents.

GoalMac Talent Promo

Promotes both grass root and semi-pro football talents

GoalMac Betting Tips

Provides weekly betting tips/guide to our followers to enable them beth right.

Fun Gist

Nigerian celebrity comedians cracks jokes on football and entertainment related issues.

Mac’s Reaction

Mac gives deep insight, honest and direct views into controversial and trending football topics.

Weekly Highlights

These are highlights from top European leagues like the English premier league (EPL), Spanish La Liga, Italian Serie A and the champions league.


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